Room Integrity Testing

For Clean Agent (gaseous) suppression systems to work effectively, room integrity is critical.

Clean Agent Systems are ideal for high risk, high value areas like electronic/IT infrastructure (server rooms), records rooms, and in situations where cleanup of other agents may be a problem.
Room Integrity (air-tightness) Testing ensures that the room or area will meet a gaseous suppression system’s design “hold-time” criteria. It checks for air‑tightness and the influence of many factors, including ventilation equipment, room penetrations, and ceiling/floor systems. Testing is key when gaseous suppression systems are used. The fire suppression agent must be maintained at a specific concentration for a defined period of time in order to meet NFPA 2001 requirements.

You can count on Aztech Fire Safety to provide qualitative air-tightness testing and detailed pass/fail reports for the critical rooms that require special suppression systems.

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